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Our Brand New Nishta Recipe Book

Welcome to vegetarian restaurant ...Nishta

New season leeds to new culinary excitements. Our dishes are light. We offer 100% vegan dishes, raw and more and more popular dishes without gluten. Our goal is to work with reliable and responsible Croatian vegetable and fruit growers that care about their veggies. We hope that you will be able to find a perfect meal for you to enjoy in. Have a pleasant time in our restaurant we hope you will be coming back and back again :)
Enjoy your meal!

À la carte menu

Our restaurant is child friendly.

*It is the guests' responsibility to alert the server about food allergies and/or sensitivity when placing an order.



Rice Crepes 68 Kn

(with beluga lentil filling and apple-mint sauce).VEGAN.

Beetroot & Strawberry Soup 45 Kn


Baked Sweet Potato 108 Kn

(with creamy Swiss chard and Mediterranean sauteed vegetables) VEGAN.


Vegetable Sticks & Dip 58 Kn

(With seed crackers).VEGAN, RAW.

Orange-Rocket Juice 45 Kn


Zucchini and Carrot Pappardelle 98 Kn

(with tomato date sauce) VEGAN, RAW.

Dessert of the Day 49 kn

Salad Bar 59 Kn

Daily fresh salad choice on the buffet. be creative and make your own salad. (potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, rice, pasta, lentils, chickpeas, green beans, corn, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers and more…)



Cauliflower Crunch 68 Kn

(almond & amaranth crunch with curried sauce).VEGAN.

Green-Pea Coconut-Mint Soup 45 Kn


Buddha Bowl 108 Kn

(with quinoa, chickpeas, buckwheat and seasonal vegetables) VEGAN.


Beetroot Daikon Carpaccio 58 Kn

(with sage vinaigrette and walnut oil).VEGAN, RAW.

Sweet Potato Orange Soup 45 Kn


Cauliflower Stir noFry 98 Kn

(with mixed vegetables, peanuts & fresh coriander) VEGAN, RAW.

Dessert of the Day 49 kn



Daikon Matcha Souffle 68 Kn

(with red mustard sauce).VEGAN.

Cabbage Date Soup 45 Kn


Moussaka with Spelt & Ratatouille 108 Kn

(with avocado mayonnaise and vegan cheese) VEGAN.


Mushrooms with Nut Pesto 58 Kn


Gazpacho 45 Kn


Zucchini Lasagne 98 Kn

(with buckwheat, colourful vegetables and fresh basil) VEGAN, RAW.

Dessert of the Day 49 kn



Tandori & Pakoras 68 Kn

(sweet onion tandoori with mixed vegetable pakoras).VEGAN.

Spicy Tomato Soup 45 Kn

(with celery sticks)VEGAN..

Curry Plater 108 Kn

(Dahl, eggplant curry, tofu-cardamom curry, chickpea-vegetable curry, wholegrain rice, Naan, chutney&pickles) VEGAN.


Lettuce Wrap with Guacamole 58 Kn


Carrot Hazelnut Soup 45 Kn


Sweet Potato Spaghetti Alfredo 98 Kn


Dessert of the Day 49 kn



Caribbean Baked Eggplant 68 Kn

(with mango sauce).VEGAN.

Azuki Bean Soup 45 Kn


Cabbage with Tempeh 108 Kn

(with spicy vegetables, sweet and sour sauce, and quinoa) VEGAN.


Algae Apricot Sesame Salad 58 Kn

(with avocado semifreddo)VEGAN, RAW.

Broccoli Soup 45 Kn

(with coconut and chilli)VEGAN, RAW.

Rice Vermicelli with Vegetables 98 Kn

(and mango-herb vinaigrette)VEGAN, RAW.

Dessert of the Day 49 kn



Peppered Green Bean Salad 68 Kn

(with peanut-soy sauce and chilli).VEGAN.

Sweet Potato Celery Soup 45 Kn


Millet Pattie 108 Kn

(with a portobello mushroom, cucumber relish, olive focaccia) VEGAN.


Swiss Chard Cannelloni 58 Kn

(with tomatoes, pesto and fresh vegan cheese)VEGAN, RAW.

Beetroot Apple Celery Ginger Juice 45 Kn


Bombay Salad 98 Kn

(with mixed marinated vegetables and tahini-raisin curry sauce)VEGAN, RAW.

Dessert of the Day 49 kn

Everyday Snacks

Falafel Wrap 68 Kn

Dahl, Rice & Naan 68 Kn

Nachos, 3 Sauces, Vegan Cheese 68 Kn

"Learn to give, not to take.
Learn to serve, not to rule.
We have the obligation to be happy."
Om Sai Ram.

All of our dishes can be made for take out.

About us

...we are your hosts Rosa and Gildas. Typically untypical Croatian/Swiss couple that was brought to Dubrovnik by a series of coincidences. Life usually has plans of its own and the universe often doesn't care much about one's planning, and that's how our one-day trip to Dubrovnik became an adventure. We opened Smuuti Bar, a new concept in Dubrovnik. Our entire offer was based on smoothies and juices made from fresh fruit and vegetables. The business proved to be successful, and gave us the courage to start a new project - ...nishta. A long time ago, in a past life of ours in Switzerland we both graduated with degree in hotel management. Given the fact that both of us are certified chefs, opening a restaurant seemed like the next logical step forward. There was significant demand for vegetarian cuisine in Dubrovnik at the time and with increasing awareness on the importance of a healthy diet, a veggie restaurant seemed like a good fit for the town. So in a town where no vegetarian restaurant existed, we launched...nishta.


Proud to be ...nishta


"Nishta is the only vegan restaurant in Zagreb that I know of, just a few minutes walk from the main square"
(Filip Štrlek)

Nishta blends Eastern and Western food cultures together in their daily menus, but mostly the food is a vegan version of Croatian traditional food that you can say represents Croatian regions by tastes and cooking styles. Everything they serve is home-made and most of the food is gluten-free. Every day there is something different on the daily menu, but you can always find stews and raw desserts..... read article


"omg delicious contemporary vegan veggie experience"
(julia mSwansea, United Kingdom)

I am vegan, my husband is omnivore and we both LOVED the meals we ate here. first time I dropped in there were no tables free dinner time you need to book. I was on a nearby island and as a vegan I was becoming very bored and hungry so I had a falafel flatbread hummus salad takeaway which I ate sitting by the port city walls with happy tears in my eyes.... read more


魚料理、肉料理に飽きたり、身体に優しい食事がしたい時に、このようなレストランがあると本当に助かります。もちろん、ベジタリアンやビーガンの方には非常に有り難い存在でしょう... read more

"Excellent vegetarian resuaurent"
(Dev1964Crawley, United Kingdom)

Small and authentic feel about the resuaurent. Offers great vegan and gluten free meals. I visited this restaurent with my wife and two other couples. Dubrovnik can be a dificult place to find a good vegetarian restaurent. But Nishta offers quality vegetarian food. The service was excellent. Book early in order to avoid disappointment as you are not likely to get served if you turn up fir a meal without reservation.... read more

"Excellent vegetarian food"
(Tomi B)

We had a hard time finding a vegetarian restaurant in Dubrovnik and we were happy to find this gem. Food was great, service was fast and the prices are ok. Only downside is that there are few tables so be sure to book table or visit them during non rush more

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A: Prijeko bb, 20 000 Dubrovnik
T: +385 20 322 088
OH: Mon-Sat 11.30 a.m. - 10 p.m., Sunday CLOSED.